After spending over a decade working with the biggest names in hospitality, wines and spirits, Rachel and her brother, Chef Holden Jagger, launched culinary cannabis company Altered Plates in 2016. The award-winning duo has revolutionized the ways cannabis is incorporated into the hospitality experience, from bespoke pairing dinners, to curated canna cocktail parties. 

With the mission of normalizing and mainstreaming cannabis through food, beverage, and the art of high hospitality, Rachel has launched Smoke Sip Savor to bridge the gap between the cannabis and hospitality industries. 

Rachel is a passionate advocate for establishing standards of service and sensible regulations for the onsite consumption lounge model for culinary cannabis, and is a thought leader and expert in the space, working closely with activism-focused organization Crop to Kitchen Community to spread this message, unite the community and develop policy. 

Rachel continues to serve as the Business Development Director for The Tasting Panel, SOMM Journal and Clever Root, where she also oversees all cannabis related content and explores her passion in print. 

Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her wife, toddler, two dogs, and two cats. It's a lot. 

You can reach Rachel directly at SmokeSipSavor@gmail.com

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