We've come a long way from the humble pot brownie.

Today's culinary cannabis experiences come in the form of CBD cocktails in chic hotel lobbies, 

elegant infused dinners in world-class locations, and cannabis products that elevate the everyday. 

Want to get your brand in these high societies? We can help.

From consulting, marketing and events, or to understanding the key relationships that will help your business meet its goals, Smoke Sip Savor is a multifaceted consultancy that specializes in the culinary cannabis space, including:

  • Product development

  • Consumption lounge applications

  • Recipe development

  • Photography/content creation

  • Cannabis hospitality advocacy

  • Marketing, branding and PR

  • Culinary cannabis education and training

  • Compliance 

  • Hospitality and cannabis industry relationship building

Smoke Sip Savor is proud to feature the culinary cannabis catering services of Altered Plates and Chef Holden Jagger, an acclaimed cannabis chef and cultivator.

Smoke Sip Savor also offers personalized canncierge services. Inquire for more details. Read more about that here

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